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Nature & Wildlife

Our 50 acres of grounds are a wonderful mosaic of habitats - wildlife-rich meadows, wetland, upland oakwood, beaches, foreshore and rockpools and even our own island which can be reached by foot at most low tides.

There is a fascinating diversity of birdlife - for example buzzards, golden and sea eagles, oyster catchers, skylarks as well as swallows, house martins and bats swooping after insects in the evening - and you might see wild cats, badgers, pine martens, stags and otters in our grounds.  

There is a heronry and an otter family living on the island and stags visit us almost nightly - during the September/ October rut you will hear

them roar on the hillside behind us. 


We have some rather special lichens and in the spring you will find wood sorrel, primroses and wild hyacinths followed by yellow flag irises

and then in the summer there are orchids, foxgloves and scabious amongst the grass, thrift by the eastern beach and and a variety of seaweeds on the foreshore.

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